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Helio A7

Helio A7
Helio A7
Helio A7
Helio A7
Helio A7
Helio A7
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Helio A7
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Helio A7
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Helio A7
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Helio A7

Helio A7 thumbnailHelio A7 thumbnailHelio A7 thumbnailHelio A7 thumbnailHelio A7 thumbnailHelio A7 thumbnail
The Helio A7 weighs up to 5 lbs. (2.2 kg), less than any other wheelchair in its category. It comes with innovative components and a stunning design - a top of the class wheelchair.  View more

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When it comes to lightweight performance, Motion Composites is unrivaled. Take the Helio A7, for example. Our engineers’ cutting edge design, paired with the outstanding properties of 7000 series aluminum, have produced a standard configuration Helio A7 that weighs up to 5 lbs. (2.2 kg) less than any other wheelchair in its category. That’s the top of the class.This wheelchair is available in the following colors: Black, Charcoal, Steel Blue, Sapphire Blue, Monster Green, Acid Green, Burgundy, Ferrari Red, Fuchsia and Sunkissed Orange.Features- The Lowest Seat-to-Floor Height - The innovative frame design lets you achieve a super low 13” (33 cm) seat-to-floor height with a 3” caster on a standard frame. That’s the same frame that can go up to 21 1/2’’ (54.6cm).- High-end Aluminum Manufacturing Yields High-end Performance - By coupling the latest hydroforming technologies with an ultra-high performance aluminum alloy, we created one of the lightest folding aluminum wheelchair… ever.- Get More Mileage out of Your Energy - Everybody benefits from an easier to propel the wheelchair. Our entirely Symmetrical Hydroformed Crossbrace, oval-shaped tubes and oversized pivot axles work in concert, while our unique Ultrarigid Folding System maximizes frame rigidity and energy conservation.- Better Design for Better Mobility - Even an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber frame can get weighed down without the right components. That’s why every single accessory, bolt and bracket of the Helio A7 is designed with weight reduction in mind. From the flip-back convertible armrests to the forged aluminum axle plate, lightness is a top priority.
Prod Spec Prod Spec Value
Seat Depth 14" to 20" (35.6 to 51.0 cm)
Back Height 9" to 21" (22.9 cm to 53.3 cm)
Seat Width 14" to 22" (36.0 cm to 56.0 cm)
Footrest Angle 60°, 70°, 80°, 90°
Front Seat-to-Floor Height 13" to 21 1/2" (33 cm to 54.6 cm)
Back Angle 85° to 110°
Rear Seat-to-Floor Height 12 1/2" to 20 1/4" (31.8 cm to 51.4 cm)
Wheel Camber 0°, 3°, 6°
Armrest Height 8" to 14" (20.3 cm to 35.6 cm)
Overall Width from +7 1/2" (from +19.1 cm)
Weight Limit 265 lbs. (120 kg)
HD Kit 350 lbs. (159 kg)
Center of Gravity 1" to 3.75" (2.5 to 9.5 cm)
  • Ultralight Aluminum 7005 T6 &mdash
  • An aluminum alloy renowned for its high strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Rigid Unibody Frame &mdash
  • A unibody frame is much stronger and needs less maintenance than a standard two-part frame. It also reduces weight while maximizing propulsion efficiency.
  • Symmetrical Hydroformed Crossbrace 3D &mdash
  • Entirely symmetrical aluminum crossbrace for reduced torsion and better energy distribution throughout the frame.
  • Ultrarigid Folding System &mdash
  • High-precision tolerances and oversized pivot axles for best-in-class propulsion efficiency.
  • Forged Vertical Axleplate + &mdash
  • Offers the most precise rear wheel adjustability in the industry. The vertical mounting maximizes rigidity and responsiveness.
  • Evolve Caster Housing &mdash
  • Embedded inside the frame for rock-solid durability, the Evolve Caster Housing offers easy and precise infinite adjustments.
  • Flip-back Convertible Armrest &mdash
  • Easy to adjust and made of composite materials for strength and reduced weight. The only armrest that converts from flip-back to single post without the use of tools.
  • Newton Accessories &mdash
  • Parts and accessories designed to be lighter, with improved functionality and awesome style.
  • Anti-Flutter System - Minimize flutter with a simple twist of a screw.

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