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Health Aid of Ohio offers the following Specialty Mattresses for patients. For more information, contact Health Aid of Ohio 800-762-5438.

Group I Mattresses (Learn More About Support Surfaces!)

Waffle Overlay by Ehob

  Ehob Waffle Overlay.jpg

  • Designed to go right on top of your existing mattress
  • Made to prevent and heal ulcers
  • Easy to transport
  • Recommended for pain management
  • Air venting holes to dissipate heat and moisture
  • Low profile design for greater stability and patient safety
  • Easily inflates with non-electrical M.A.D.™ Pump

Geo Mattress by Span America

Geo Mattress 2.jpg

  • 1) Cover-  bacteriostatic top fabric is fire resistant, fluidproof, tear resistant, cleanable, and replaceable.  The pleated design allows full integration with the mattress’s Geo-Matt style shear-relieving surface while minimizing hammocking.
  • 2) Cross-Cut Foam Top- cross-cut cells individually conform to the patient’s curves to assist in pressure redistribution
  • 3) Core- High-density, open-cell combustion modified foam for consistent performance

AP+P by Invacare

AP+P Invacare.jpg

  • Designed to aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers
  • Advanced pump technology alternately inflates and deflates air cells
  • Variable pressure setting for added patient comfort
  • Pump can be mounted on the bed with built-in bracket
  • Does not contain latex
  • Long end flaps secure pad to mattress

Gel Foam Overlay by Invacare

Gel Foam Overlay.jpg

  • Designed to aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers
  • Several large 2" thick gel bladders inside polyurethane foam provide maximum patient comfort. Gel stays under patient and will not migrate from point of pressure.
  • Reversible for increased service life
  • Durable base material with strong elastic corner straps reduce overlay movement
  • Vapor permeable water-resistant cover with low friction and shear.
  • Does not contain latex

Foam Replacement by Invacare

Foam Replacement.jpg

  • Designed to aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers
  • Five zones allow the patient's body weight to be absorbed proportionally
  • 1.8 lb., 33ILD upper layer and 1.8 lb., 40 ILD lower layer combine to provide the maximum pressure reduction and durability
  • Reversible head to foot with contour cuts to reduce shear
  • Anti-microbial waterproof cover with a 70 denier top to reduce friction and a vinyl bottom to protect the mattress
  • Does not contain latex

Group II Mattresses (Learn More About Support Surfaces!)

Roho Dry Flotation

  Roho Dry Flotation.jpg

  • The ORIGINAL non-powered, adjustable, zoned, advanced pressure-relieving mattress overlay
  • Helps heal advanced stage (III & IV) ischemic ulcers.
  • Friction and shear relief surface.
  • Zoned. Four sections each 20" x 34" / 51 cm x 86 cm
  • Adjustable. 3.5" (8 cm) high air cells can be adjusted to the patient's body shape and size.
  • Non-powered. Requires no external power source.
  • Drainage holes pull fluids away from incontinent client.
  • Durable neoprene rubber is flame-resistant and can be easily cleaned.
  • Repairable. Extends overall life of mattress.
  • Reusable covers are available

Select Air Mattress by Roho

Select Ait Mattress.jpg

  • Reliable, whisper-quiet operation
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Low energy consumption
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Microprocessor controller
  • Firm mattress mode with timer to facilitate nursing care during dressing change and patient repositioning

Sapphire 1100SA by Sunflower Medical


  • Dual modes of Therapy
    • Static low air loss
    • Alternating low air loss
  • Alternating cycle time adjusts from 3 to 20 minutes
  • Domestic high strength mattress construction for longevity
  • Fowler feature for seat inflation when head is elevated
  • Patented CPR release
  • 600 lbs. weight capacity

Jay Dermafloat LAL by Sunrise Medical

Jay Dermafloat 1.jpg

  • A deluxe comforter and high-output control unit proide therapeutic benefit to patients suffering from or at risk of developing pressure ulcers
  • 5 zones which provide maximum pressure relief by optimizing weight distribution
  • Moisture control
  • 40 second mattress inflation

Turn Q Plus by Invacare


  • Combines the benefits of lateral rotation, true low-air-loss, and pressure relief in a single portable system
  • Bilaterally rotate residents a full or partial turn Unmatched comfort and pressure ulcer management is achieved with automatic and adjustable heat and moisture controls
  • CPR deflate handle activates rapid mattress deflation in 15 sec.
  • Low-pressure alarm alerts caregivers to low underlay mattress pressure.
  • 24-hour backup provides air flotation when electrical power is interrupted.
  • Breathable low friction mattress cover reduces skin shear.
  • Auto-Firm mode eases resident handling for nursing procedures.
  • Control unit easily attaches to bed footboard

Health Aid of Ohio offers the following Specialty Mattresses for patients. For more information, contact Health Aid of Ohio 800-762-5438.

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