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Installer/Service Technician

Career Details

Full-Time Cleveland, OH Posted on 1/21/2020

Accessibility Technician


Is responsible to diagnosis, repair and perform routine maintenance of patient owned equipment, rental equipment, and VA (Veterans Administration).  

Responsible To

The Access Technician is responsible to and reports directly to the Access Manager.  In absence of the Access Manager, the Technician will be responsible to whomever has been put in charged with the management of the Service Department.  

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Provides high level of customer service at all times.
  • Is responsible for repair of all products and equipment.  On-site service is to be completed at a pre-arranged appointment in a timely manner. 
  • Is responsible for assigned evening and weekend according to schedules.  
  • Is responsible for instructing patients on proper use of care of equipment (except transfer techniques). Must maintain high level of product knowledge on all provided equipment.
  • Is responsible for trouble shooting problems with equipment, generating an SRR or SRO, identifying the correct replacement parts to order from manufacturer, repair, and routine maintenance for all types of DME equipment.


  • Education:
    • Graduate from an accredited High School, or equivalent.
  • Experience and Knowledge:
    • Prior home health care experience preferred
    • Previous technical and/or production experience required.
    • Basic computer skills and knowledge.
    • Must be able to lift heavy items regularly
    • Good Communication Skills
    • Must be able to read and speak English fluently
    • Responsible and Cooperative Attitude
    • Neat and clean personal appearance
  • License and Registration

Physical Requirements:

  • In an 8-hour day, the employee lifts/carries 150 lbs. frequently.
  • In an 8-hour day, the employee stands/walks 2 hours.
  • In an 8-hour day, the employee sits 6 hours.
  • In an 8-hour day, the employee drives a car/truck 6 hours.